Health Committee

Healthy Community, Happy Community...

What we do

We strive to inspire, motivate, and support the youth in our community to keep pace with advancements and developments in formal education.

Blood Donation Camp

A glimpse of one of our student felicitation programs. To appreciate the students of the community, we conduct the student felicitation program every year.

Cataract Camp

We organize a no-profit, no-loss sale of books, bags & stationary at our community center every year. This helps the families save on their annual purchase expenses.

Health Checkup Camp

Every year, we help needy students with their educational expenses including fees, books, etc. The need of students & families are verified and accommodated accordingly.

Our Committee

Our Team




About Health Committee

Our team is dedicated to fostering the educational development of the youth. Under the capable leadership of Sohil Memon, our team of committed volunteers work tirelessly to create and implement initiatives that support and enhance educational opportunities for young members of our community.

Our Programs

Throughout the year, the Education Committee conducts a variety of programs designed to support students at every stage of their educational journey:

  • Students Felicitation Program: We celebrate and honor the academic achievements of our students, encouraging them to strive for excellence and providing them with the recognition they deserve.

  • Book Stalls at No-Profit/No-Loss: To make educational resources more accessible, we organize book stalls where community members can purchase books at cost, ensuring affordability without profit margins.

  • Educational Programs: Our committee conducts various educational programs, including workshops, seminars, and tutoring sessions, aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of our youth.

  • Financial Assistance: We understand that financial constraints can hinder educational progress. Therefore, we offer financial aid to deserving students, helping them to continue their education without interruption.

Our team brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our mission. Each member of our committee is passionate about education and committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our youth.

Through our collective efforts, the Education Committee of the Halai Memon Moti Jamat Ahmedabad, is making significant strides in nurturing the academic and personal growth of our community’s youth. We are proud to contribute to their development and look forward to continuing our work in empowering the next generation.