Women Empowerment

Women are the real architects of the society

What we do

We strive to inspire, motivate, and support the youth in our community to keep pace with advancements and developments in formal education.

Tailoring Classes

These are some of the samples of the clothes stitched by the students of our classes. The students are taught all the aspects of tailoring from A to Z.

Books Sale - No profit, No loss

We organize a no-profit, no-loss sale of books, bags & stationary at our community center every year. This helps the families save on their annual purchase expenses.

Financial Help for needy students

Every year, we help needy students with their educational expenses including fees, books, etc. The need of students & families are verified and accommodated accordingly.

Our Committee

Our Team

Rubina Lakadiya

Farhana Dhanani

About Ladies Wing

Our ladies wing, which is led by Miss Rubina & Miss Farhana, is tirelessly working to bring awareness in terms of health, education & finance to the women of the community with the help of different programs.

Our Programs

Throughout the year, the Ladies Wing organizes different programs to support skill development and education as well as to bring health awareness:

  • Skill Development – Tailoring Classes: One of the most recent initiatives taken by our ladies wing was tailoring classes. This classes are helping number of women from the community to learn tailoring and utilize it as a form of financial support. 

  • Personal Development – Cooking Classes: Cooking classes has been very successful and liked by a lot of women as it helps them as both – hobby and self-employment.

  • Women’s Day Program: On women’s day, our ladies wing organized a get together of the ladies of the community adding some fun activity as well as progress and developmental speeches by some of the well-known women speakers from within the community as well as from outside the community.